Los Belking’s – Mini Long Play



Likely released in 1970, this mini long play really demonstrates how far this group advanced their sonic aesthetic over a short few years. Comprising five instrumental tracks –although ‘Triste Solead’ and ‘Let Me’ have some vocal texturing, and ‘Let Me’ barely qualifies as a song, as it is a very short piece, but it’s a track nonetheless. ‘Sentimientos,’ ‘Charly,’ ‘Atajame,’ and ‘Triste Soledad’ were all compiled on the 2003 CD release Instrumental Waves 1966-1973. All are stand outs in Los Belking’s catalog. So it’s good to know if you can’t find this MLP, you can still fairly easily get a copy of the tracks.

Each stand out track features excellent fuzz tone and innovative song structures. The only lesser track is ‘Sendas de Amor,’ which is a little to saccharine for my tastes (and likely why it’s not on the 2003 release).