Los Belton’s – Domingo Por La Manana/ Cumbia Pop

My copy is pressed on translucent blue vinyl, this is a great disc, with the majority of its strength in the B side “Cumbia Pop.” Like Los Orientales’ epic B side “Lobos Al Escape” trumps that disc’s A side “La Carcocha,” Cumbia Pop is the gem on this disc, overshadowing “Domingo Por La Manana.” Which oddly enough, “Domingo Por La Manana,” is actually a cover of Hugo Blanco’s “Transandina,” but is not credited as such. Cumbia Pop was compiled onto Vampisoul’s Cumbia Beat Vol. 1 release.

From the Ayacucho region, Los Beltons were, like so many other Peruvian cumbia bands, a family affair among brothers Américo, Rubén, Lino, Atilio and Gotardo of the Vilcatoma Aranda family. The brothers/band released at least 10 45 RPMs and to my ears nothing else, sadly, sounds like the fuzzed-out madness of Cumbia Pop.los-beltons.