Los Diferentes Kennedy’s

Formed in 1970, near Iquitos, by the Sifuentes Arbildo brothers Geny y Jharley. The brothers, responsible for lead and rhythm guitar respectively, composed all of the songs for the group (save for one song on the third LP by their tumba player). A third Sifuentes brother, Jorge, played timbales. The group’s first LP indicates the remaining members of the group were non-blood relations: Ivese Soplin played bass, Mickey Sanchez played tumba, Jose Armas was on bongos, and guiro responsibilities fell to Wilson Pacaya.

The band’s second album “La Fiesta Comenzo” incorrectly states that it is their third album, however, I checked with Geny and he indicated the group only released the two LPs for Infopesa.

I was able to track down Geny on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/genysifuentesmusic/) and he has a successful career today playing and writing songs with the La Vale Band

Geny fifth from the left
Picture of the group from the 2nd LP
The First LP
The group’s second LP
Here you can see the incorrect reference that this LP was “su tercer” (the third), in fact it was the second.