Acosta Y Su Guitarra – Cascabelito/Pistaco

img_6584A cascabel is a jingle bell, so cascabelito is the tiny jingle bell. Can’t say I hear much by the way of jingle bell percussion on Cascabelito, however it has an undeniably tropical sound. Rolling guitar riffs underscored by crisp percussive fills. For my taste, however the prize on this 45 is the B side Pistaco. Not sure if this is a spelling error, but a Pishtaco is a creature of Andean lore that feeds off of people’s fat/blood, much like a vampire. And the B side is as monstrously good as you’d hope. Starting off slow, the quickening strumming, gives way to an onslaught of percussion before Acosta rips into an almost Spanish-sounding guitar riff at a break neck pace.  This gives way to a descarga style guitar riff punctuated by a call and response with the percussion section. Highly recommended.


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