Aniceto Y Sus Fabulosos – Los Fabulosos En Onda/Amor Sayanero

img_6591It’s around this time on the later DINSA releases that I find Aniceto is really coming into his own and has found his sound.Perhaps my favorite of all the 45s I’ve heard of AYSF, En Onda (Guajira Pop), starts out with a nice relaxed distorted fuzz tone over a lumbering rhythm section.  The song alternates its riff across octaves with some nice flourishes here and there but the vibe is over all relaxing. That is until the bridge around the 2:40 mark where in typical fashion Aniceto lets loose and begins to shred until this fades out. Great stuff. The party continues on the B side with a very upbeat and spirited cumbia, one of only a handful of Aniceto discs that the A side has stood the test of time. Amor Sayanero isn’t bad, but En Onda is what you’re after.


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