Los Atomos De Paramonga – Cumbia Arabe/Paseando Con Ella

img_6622Los Atomos (not to be confused with the Chilean band of the same name), one of a few bands to emerge with record deals from the musically vibrant north-of-Lima coastal town of Paramonga, Peru. The A-side is what you might call an innovative cumbia, others perhaps when it was released it called it a novelty and might help explain why this is a fairly rare cut. Cumbia Arabe attempts to meld traditional dark sounding minor key scales from the Middle East (North Africa?) into the Peruvian Cumbia paradigm. To my ears it works very well, and is recommended. I’m not sure if it’s my pressing or if it was intended, but it sounds woozy and wasted. The B-side is a more upbeat number, more run-of-the-mill, but good nonetheless. It has some nice guitar work and makes this a “file” worthy disc to add to your collection.


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