Aniceto Y Sus Fabulosos – La Movedora/ Cholita Llorona

img_6587An energetic wah-wah effect flavored song, La Movedora, as the name implies will definitely get a dance floor moving. Around the 2 minute mark things get extra nice when the bass drops a nice line, to which Aniceto begins to solo a bit over before the group triumphantly congeals for the main theme one last time. The gem on this disc however is the B side Cholita Llorona which again makes effective use of the wah pedal. This minor-key song has a bit more interesting guitar work that really shows Aniceto’s ability to play with the quickness it also allows him to solo a bit which is always nice from this talented guitarist. This is a relatively easy to find (and inexpensive disc) which I’d recommend picking up.


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