Los Tic Tac – Un Besito…Y Nada Mas/El Cubanito


I’m not sure whether picture sleeves for Peruvian 45 RPM releases are rare because few were made, or because few survived the past four-and-counting decades, either way here is a rarity. The A Side is somewhat similar to the Juaneco track Vacilando con Ayahuasco or the Los Orientales track Sonia La Sexy, with some sultry spoken female vocals (I’m fairly certain the vocalist on those two tracks is the same woman). I wonder if this was released around the same time. The B Side does not provide an author name, and as listed as an instrumental although it has some minimalist vocals.

A sample of this early release from Los Tic Tac’s oeuvre is below, enjoy:


4 thoughts on “Los Tic Tac – Un Besito…Y Nada Mas/El Cubanito

  1. Fantastic music ! Good on you for tracking down this brothers. Now Carlos Chacon is visiting Sydney Australia.
    Soon to return to his country of residence Brazil. Arturo Chacón still residing in Lima Peru.


  2. Thank you for your comment Monica! Any other information you have about the group/brothers would be greatly appreciated.

    Gracias por su comentario! Si tiene otro informacion de la agrupacion o los hermanos compartirlo por favor!


  3. Soy Carlos Chacon Paredes ,Compositor de varias Obras del grupo Los Tic Tac ,como La Casposa ,El Carreton ,La Guapachosa , entre outras ,Actualmente estoy en Sydney -Australia ,y aqui se escucha estos lindos temas y tiene buena Difusion por los medios de comunicacion,especialmente en Sydney .


    1. Es un placer hacerte conocer Maestro Chacon Paredes! Me encantan sus cancionces del grupo! Por favor puede decirme (y todo el Internet) queine es quiene en la foto del grupo (derecho a izquierda)? Un milion de gracias!


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